2014 Boxers For Christ National Championship

The Boxers for Christ 2013 National Championship will be held December 19, 20, and 21st at United Boxing, 3800 Main St., Chula Vista, CA 91911


Sanctioned by USA Boxing/California Border Association

Sponsored by United States Institute of Amateur Athletics, ABC Youth Foundation

December 19th at 8:00 AM - 10 AM.December 20th & 21st at 8:00 AM

Competition Times:
December 19th at 6:30 PM December 20th & 21st at 1:00 PM.

One hour and a half before competition at tournament site.

Registration forms mailed in by December 5th, 2014 are Free of Charge! Registration forms secured December 6 – 17th are $10.00 per registration form. Walk up registrations are $15.00 per registration. No exceptions. As you register you will be added to our web site to review list of boxers participating.

Individual Trophies for each participant. Boxers for Christ “T” shirt for athletes and registered coaches. Coach must be listed on Team Registration Form to secure “T”-shirt. Outstanding Awards for: Official, JO. Boxer, JO Sportsmanship, Elite Boxer, Elite Sportsmanship, JO Team Championship, Novice Team Championship, Elite Team Championship and Christ Like /Team Conduct Trophy.

Click here for all the information including a Fact Sheet, Registration forms and Hotel information.

The USIAA host the Boxers for Christ National Championship each year on the Fourth of July Weekend. The Boxers for Christ National Championship features three days of: the best amateur boxing competition in the nation, Christian Gospel Music Ministry, Athlete and Coaches testimony as well as Bible Study.

The Boxers and Coaches for Christ National Association has over three hundred amateur boxing clubs involved and host approximately one hundred fifty athletes and forty Coaches per year!

Boxers for Christ going to South Africa Boxers for Christ at Coliseum Italy

On odd numbered years the champions from the Boxers for Christ Open Category are treated to a two-week international trip where we compete against the individual countries in dual match ups or international tournament competition.

Individuals invited on the trip learn evangelism skills and Bible Study Classes are held each day!

Athletes are treated to life changing experiences through cultural exchange parties, tours of national and historic landmarks as well as history lessons of each country!

Through the Boxers for Christ Movement close to 100 of our nation’s foremost street tough youth come to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

USA Boxing sanctions the Boxers for Christ National Championship. All participants and coaches must be registered by USA Boxing Inc to compete.

The Boxers for Christ Tournament awards consist of trophies, Bibles and Boxers for Christ “T”- shirt for each individual. Our Boxers for Christ “T”-shirts are considered collectors items and are available on our website. Click Here for more information.

Sponsorship for our Boxers for Christ National Championship is always welcome.


Coach Coons is an honored and respected coach throughout our nation. Bestowed to him is the highest honor among our nation’s top amateur boxing coaches referring to Coach Coons as “Coach”. The Coaches, Coach, Coons helps athletes coaches and teams understand scripture and plants a seed so Jesus Christ can do his work in turning the lives around of our nation’s foremost street tough youth!

Upon request Coach will host a planned Bible Study at your tournament or come to your gym to talk with your youth about the word of Jesus Christ!

Call our office for appointment times and dates!

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