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Sports Psychology
Education Through Travel Opportunities
The cornerstone of the USIAA is our Athletic Enhancement Center. This Center of classroom studies promotes Life Skills Educational development in our members. These Life Skills classes include topics, which our athletes have extreme interest in and are motivated to learn. These classes have a significant impact upon the ability of our athletes to function in todayís society and become positive active members of society.

After successful completion of our 15-class/ 45-hour program, our members secure a graduation certificate. Class topics include: Six Components of Mental Conditioning, Four Components of Physical Conditioning, Attitude Formation, Image Presentation, Financial Maintenance, Contract Negotiation, Licit and Illicit Drug Usage, Development of a Winning Life Style, Male-Female Relationships, Anger Management and Conflict Resolution, Positive Relations with Police Officers, Time Management, Nutrition and Racism in society and sports.

Sports Psychology

USIAA athletes are noted for mental toughness. Athletes join Coach Coons as he discusses the aspects of Sports Psychology and passionately instructs clients in the six components of mental conditioning. Coach Coons explains concepts of biofeedback, visualization and hypnosis.

Appointments are on a first come first serve basis. Individualís sessions are $50.00 per hour. Package deals at reduced cost are also available.

Education Through Travel Opportunities

Slide Rock in Arizona Montezuma Monument Learning How to Swim while on Camping Trip

The USIAA provides several opportunities for travel on several different levels. We provide travel opportunities through our athletic competitions to regional, state, national and possible international tournaments and competitions.

Regional travel opportunities are for novice athletes, who are looking to secure competition on a broader scale than local competition provided by local recreation departments.

State Travel is for intermediate athletes who can compete in invitational and statewide tournaments.

National Tournament are reserved for advanced athletes who can compete against the best athletes in our nation and are looking to compete internationally.

International competition is reserved for Elite athletes who can compete against the best athletes in the world!

The USIAA also provides travel opportunities for individuals who do not qualify for any athletic travel. The USIAA takes annual trips weeklong trip during August for these members.

The USIAA insist that each member turn in a report of his/her travel experiences to include visits to; historical landmarks, museums, amusement activities, different cultures traditions and life experiences of people groups and/or countries, life changing experiences.

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