Jobs And Volunteers

Referees, Judges, Umpires And Officials
Currently the USIAA has no paid jobs available. However interested individuals should check with our organization on a monthly basis. We do have one paid position each year during July through August for overseeing our Business Development Project. Interested candidates should call our office by June 10th, of each year.

We have jobs for young people 10 to 15 years of age during the summer months. The job includes securing contribution for the organization where young people secure a percentage of the funds they bring into the organization interns of individual sponsorships.

Volunteer position consists of Coaches for: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Track and Field, Boxing and Baseball. However the USIAA is interested in highly qualified individuals or individuals who do not mind going to Coaches and Certification Clinic to up grade their level of Coaching.

Volunteer positions are also consist of: Front Counter Help, Sales Clerks, Equipment Manager and Janitorial Services.

Referees, Judges, Umpires And Officials

The USIAA interfaces with several national governing bodies of the United States Olympic Committee and as such many of those organizations are often looking for volunteer officials of their sport. If you are interested in becoming an official of one or more of our Olympic Sports call the USIAA we maybe able to help place you.

Richard Steele world famous professional boxing Judge and Referee

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