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Why Purchase Team Jesus Spiritual Wear?
Sending A Positive God Sent Message To Our Young People!
Sports Uniforms
Team Jesus/Spiritual Wear

Transcend your personnel and Spiritual Environment!
Indicates your excitement and relationship with Christ!
Sends a positive message to everyone around you!
Helps fund low, poverty income athletes in national and international competition.
Helps Christian Outreach and Evangelism!
Why Spiritual Wear. It is no secret that most people stay within their own people groups. That is, poor people know primarily poor people and rich people know mostly rich people. This is also true when it comes to ethnic groups, sporting teams and groups, political groups and other such groupings. However when you put spiritual wear on you will meet people from different backgrounds, interest and walks of life. You will find that people from all different walks of life will comment in one way or another about your TEAM JESUS apparel! This will lead the way for you to strike up conversations with others, lead them to Christ or engage them in projects that you maybe currently involved with.

You do not have to be stuck in your own situation or circumstance you can transcend your immediate situation to find others who you can be a helping hand to our find those who can help you with certain projects and objectives that you may have in the name of Jesus!

Why Purchase Team Jesus Spiritual Wear?

When you purchase Team Jesus/Spiritual Wear you will help to support the United States Institute of Amateur Athletics (USIAA), in San Diego. The USIAA is a non-profit 501 3 tax exempt youth development organization. The USIAA sends low, moderate and poverty income athletes from primarily the Southwest United States to compete throughout the nation and around the world!

In addition the USIAA provides at a local level athletic competition, educational developmental opportunities, social recreational outlets, and spiritual ministries.

The proceeds from the sell of our products will go toward meaningful opportunities for our young people!

Sending A Positive God Sent Message To Our Young People!

Team Jesus/Spiritual Wear is an alternative for our young people and adults to send a God Spirited message to our communities. Team Jesus/Spiritual Wear has positive scriptures and messages that are uplifting and inspiring.

In our inception our market will be to the amateur and professional Boxing Family as well as youth development athletic organizations such as Little League baseball and Pop Warner Football Programs.

Most of these programs exist within our inner-city low and poverty income communities were we are immersed in negative crime ridden uneducated messages that invade the lives of our young people. We bring the message of hope through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! In addition our customers secure first class uniforms, sports equipment and supplies at discount prices!

We have a wide variety of athletic uniforms. Have our representative visit you for your uniform order. We can customize almost any uniform at discount prices!
Call (619) 501-3759 Phone/Fax

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Team Jesus Hats:

Item# TJHR for red or
TJHB for blue Flex Fit Hats.
Size S,M,L,XL



Team Jesus Boxers for Christ T-shirts:

Item# TJBFCR for red or
TJBFCB for blue
$15.00 S-L
$18.00 XL-2XL
$22.00 3XL

Traditional Team Jesus Logo on Front of Shirt Proverbs: 31:10 Woman of Noble Character (Paraphrased) on the back!
Color Pink Only


Sports Uniforms

For team uniforms contact Robert Coons at (619) 708-1521 or e-mail rccoons@cox.net.

We offer a wide variety of uniforms at discount prices. Here is a small sample:

Baseball Uniforms:

Classy Baseball Uniforms at discount prices!
Pro Style. Includes hat, belt & socks!
$75.00 per uniform (any color)

Soccer Uniforms:

Item# TJ Soccer
$40.00 S-L
$45.00 XL-2XL
$50.00 3XL

Basketball Uniforms:

We can feature team mascot on side of trunks! We can customize most orders.
Item# TJBK
$40.00 S-L
$45 XL-2XL
$50.00 3XL

Team Warm Ups:

Or your own Team Warm Ups. Basic Silk Screen included.
Item# TJ WU
$60.00 S-L
$70.00 XL-3XL

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